Called to Glory V : The Spirit of Glory
Wednesday, March 14, 2018 at 11:09AM
Edwina Gillett


14 - 15 April 2018

St Cuthbert's The Old Convent, Wigton

Speakers: Fr. Gabriel Joseph CFR & Niklas Carlsson


”God’’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit which has been given to us.”  (Rom5:5)

The Holy Spirit is the giver of Divine Life, God the Sanctifier, who dwells and prays in our hearts, and acts in and through our lives – He is truly ‘God within’. Yet for many the Holy Spirit is the least known Person of the Trinity. The Spirit reveals the Father and the Son to us – without Him there could be no faith at all – “but the Spirit does not speak of himself” (CCC 687).

In CALLED TO GLORY V we will explore this elusive side of the Holy Spirit, be enriched by the paradoxical “divine self-effacement” of the Spirit of Glory, learn how faith in the Holy Spirit both challenges and helps us on our lifelong journey into Glory.


Sessions include:

"The Lord the Giver of Life": Faith in the Holy Spirit

Speaking to God: the gift of Tongues

“Pray at all times in the Spirit”: Infused Prayer

Anointed in Power through the Sacrament of Confirmation

“Do not steal”: The call to Generosity

We will also open ourselves to receive God’s life-giving Light through ministry in the power of the Holy Spirit, as well as have extended times of joyful praise, Adoration and the Holy Eucharist.

Although the Called to Glory series of conferences form a greater whole together, CALLED TO GLORY V is also designed to stand alone.

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Cor et Lumen Christi Community

St Cuthbert's The Old Convent


Wigton, Cumbria CA79HU

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