The Art of Dying Well: November, the month to remember
Thursday, November 9, 2017 at 11:22AM
Edwina Gillett 

During the month of November, we particularly remember and pray for the dead.  

On the Art of Dying Well's Instagram memorial page, you can submit names/photos and or memories of people you have known who have died. We are inviting you to post, via the Art of Dying Well’s Instagram or Twitter platforms (@artofdyingwell), pictures or memories of your loved ones who are dying or who have already died. It is also a chance to remember those who you have not personally known, but who come to mind because they have no one else left to pray for them.


By tagging @ArtofDyingWell with #RememberThem, the photos/names will then be shared with five convents and abbeys who will remember and pray for those featured.


The Carmelites of Notting Hill speak about the #RememberThem initiative:


Visit The Art of Dying Well for more information:

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