Catholic Voices: Public Speaking Training London October 2016
Monday, May 16, 2016 at 7:45AM
Edwina Gillett

Catholic Voices, originally created for the 2010 papal visit to the UK, is now a major

project present in 20 countries worldwide. Its model, training ‘ordinary’ Catholics to tell

the Church’s story, has created a whole new generation of confident media and public

speakers. It has also transformed the way Catholics are perceived in the media, winning

the backing of bishops and broadcasters alike. Fired by the UK example, the project has

spread abroad, with CV groups trained by the coordinators in countries such as USA,

Australia, Mexico, Ireland, Poland, Lithuania, Chile, Peru and Colombia.

In the UK, annual trainings have created a team of nearly 100 Catholic Voices speakers

who have now appeared on over 900 TV and radio programmes, commenting on and

debating the Church’s positions on a large range of topics, from same-sex marriage and life

ethics to the just wage, religious freedom, and the Church’s direction under Pope Francis.

The project has led to books, similar projects abroad, the Catholic Voices ‘Academy’,

regular communications workshops and talks, and a widely-followed blog


The vision of CV is expanding in the UK, the heart of the project remains our ambition to

create, each year, a growing number of trained Catholic Voices (CVs). This year’s training

is geared towards creating the next generation of Catholic Public Speakers who, together

with the existing teams, will make themselves available to speak and deliver workshops in

parishes, schools and chaplaincies. The ‘Public Speakers’ Programme’ aims to give world

class training to ordinary Catholics so they have the skills to become public speakers (to

find out more information about Catholic Voices visit our website,


This year we are focusing exclusively on training people to give talks and

presentations as well as workshops on how to more effectively tell the Church’s story.

That means that the sixth National Speakers’ Training 2016 will have a new format,

involving one Saturday and three Thursday evenings in central London.

The training is free of charge, but we ask participants coming from outside

London to pay for their travel and accommodation costs if they are able (if not,

subsidies are available).

We welcome applications from practising, thoughtful, engaging, committed

Catholics of all ages and states of life (married, single, lay, religious, etc.) who are

willing to learn how to put the Church’s case in compelling ways.

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